Free season tickets delivered to kids in every South Cumbrian school
 Free £5 food voucher for paying adult with 2 kids
1 Free adult admission bringing along a group of 10 kids
 Aiming to have curtain raisers before every home game
Free admission for all if you arrive before the curtain raiser


We have had a tremendous response to our multiple offers, trying to grow the crowds at Barrow Raiders. However, the last thing we want to do is alienate our loyal season ticket holders who are the lifeblood of the club.

All of the board are genuine supporters of the club and only wish for the club and the game of rugby league to grow. We are actively engaged in discussions to come up with an offer for our season ticket holders that hopefully shows we care. I’m sure all of our loyal fans can see if we can get more bodies in to the ground then sponsorship, merchandise sales, food and drink sales, even TV deals become a lot easier for the club and help the game and we will inevitably see a better product on the pitch that we can all enjoy.

We truly appreciate all of our loyal fans and hope that you will back us with this initiative as it is for you as much as us in the long term. We had an option of doing nothing, seeing our crowds dwindle below 1,000 and then having to make cuts to the strength of the team. Not every decision we make will be a good one but all we can ask is that you continue to back the club and for us to try to restore it to former glories.

Thank you all again and Keep the Faith