Goldrush Lottery & Super Lotto appeal

The Goldrush Lottery has been a valuable source of income for Barrow Raiders for over 45 years.

Whilst it no longer provides as large a monetary donation as in those early days due to a smaller membership, it is still a very important part of the club’s funding.

Since the onset of Covid in 2020 we have lost a great number of members, due mainly to the lockdown periods when our collecting agents were unable to go out on their rounds.

Now, due to the cost of living crisis, we find ourselves losing more members.

We have also struggled to attract new agents for vacant rounds, which results in a loss in the amount of money donated to the club each week.

With this in mind, we are appealing for help from the fans!

Goldrush Lottery

Join now to support the club and have a chance of winning £1,000 every week for just £1!

This lottery is not available to join online. You will need to call into the rugby shop on Scott Street, where your membership will be created and you will be given your lucky numbers which are allocated to you by the computer.

You can pay in cash at your home via a collector (if we have one covering your area), in the shop or by standing order, which is the preferred method and can be set up when you join.

Collecting Agents

We have a number of rounds available in Barrow, Walney and Ulverston.

All are collected on a four-weekly basis and earn a good rate of commission. To be an agent you must be at least 16 yrs of age, and have a few spare
hours in the late afternoon/early evening.

For anybody requiring further information on rounds available, please call into the shop to discuss.

Super Lotto

We would also welcome new members of this lottery, which provides funding for Furness Raiders and offers the chance to win from £1,000 to maximum £5,000 for £2.

Again, you can only join this lottery by contacting ourselves at the shop.

Payment for Super Lotto is by Standing Order only, but you can choose your lucky 4 numbers or get the computer to pick them for you.

Please, if you can, help us to help the club and it’s teams!

It would be a shame to lose this funding, which has been fundamental in supporting the club for so many years and providing a whole host of historic players and memories.

You will also be able to join either of the lotteries at Sunday’s game against Newcastle Thunder. Supporters can sign up by calling over to the office at the Main Gate and asking for Jane or Tracy.

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