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Player Profile

26. Daniel Morrow – Sponsored by Mike Stevens

Date of birth: 30/04/1990

Height: 6ft 1″

Weight: 15.7 stone – 99.69kg

Sponsor: Mike Stevens

Shirt Number: 26 

Previous Clubs: Walney Central 

Hometown: Barrow 

Achivements in Rugby: 
Barrow Raiders Academy 
County Championships 2005 -2015 
Barrow Raiders 

Best Moment of your Playing Career: Playing for BARLA GB in Australia and achieving overall player of the tour and now, signing on the dotted line in Gaffs car for the Raiders. 

Rugby Idol: The Bull (Liam Harrison) 

Worst Injury: Broken Rib (horrendous) 

Personal aims for the 2016 season: Make a good first impression, adapt to the pro game and get stuck in. 

Most embarrasing moment: Spotted trying to weigh my own head in the office at work. 

Earliest memory of watching or playing rugby: Watching my old man’s muscle falling out of his leg after running the ball in at craven park… from that moment on I knew I wanted to play rugby.

What is your match-day routine: Sleep in as late as possible (hate the buildup so less time spent waiting around for kick off), Breakfast (consists of porridge, banana, toasted bagel and pint or orange juice), take Lennie (my staff) for a long walk round the island and turn up 5 hours early so I can get all my strapping and rubs done in time for kick off. 

How do you relax outside of Rugby: Family time, dog walks and being horizontal on the sofa. 

Favourite Song to listen to before a game: Teenage Dirtbag 

Favourite Films: Couldn’t possibly say the list would be to long but anything with Leonardo, Denzel, Matt Damon or Tom Hanks is a winner for me. 

Do you play any other sports: No, and I’m probably the worst Football player to ever sign for the Raiders! 

If you won the lottery, what would be the first luxury thing you’d buy: I’ve always said if I ever win the lottery one of my main priorities would be to build and run a luxury kennels for all the homeless dogs of cumbria. 

Favourite Food: Steak, Double egg and Chips 

What makes you laugh: When people fall over, Animals and I love a good comedy. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go: Antarctica to see the Penguins. 

Where are you happiest: Horizontal on my sofa. 

Favourite Comedian: Kev Hart 

What was the last live concert you went to: Noel Gallagher 

What do you prefer? A night in or night out? Night in with my Hound. 

Favourite Current TV Show: Friends 

Favourite All-Time TV Show: Friends 

Out of the Current Squad:

Who’s the biggest joker: Josh Ward
Thinks he’s the best looking: Lee Haney
Worst Dress Sense: James “Bubble Jacket” Duerden
Worst Dancer: TBC
Spends the most time getting ready after the game: Me… I’m always getting treatment :/