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Player Profile

32. Brad Brennan – Available to Sponsor

Name: Bradley Brennan

Date of Birth:18/01/1993

Height: 6’3

Weight: 21 stone

Sponsor: Available to Sponsor

Shirt Number: 32

Previous Clubs: Warrington, batley, hunslet, York

Hometown: Skelmersdale 

Achievements in Rugby: Helping Barrow gain promotion

Rugby Idol: James Graham

Worst injury: Broken Wrist

Personal aims for the 2016 Season: Improve every game

Most embarrassing moment: Fainted whilst getting a tattoo and wet myself in grey jogging bottoms

Earliest memory of watching or playing rugby: Playing for Orrell St James

What is your match day routine: Wake up, have breakfast, walk the dog then travel to the game

How do you relax outside of rugby: Gym or walking the dog, watching movies

Favourite song to listen to before a game: Metallica – enter sandman

Favourite Films: American pies

Do you play any other sports: Used to play football

If you won the lottery what would be the first luxury thing you’d buy: Mustang GT350 or Camaro SS

Favourite food: Pizza

What makes you laugh: Jokes

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go: America

Where are you happiest: In bed watching tv when the weathers bad

Favourite comedianJason Manford

What was the last live concert you went to: Goldie looking chain in Liverpool

Which do you prefer? A night in or night out? Night In

Favourite current TV show: The walking dead

Favourite all-time TV Show: Dexter


Out of the current squad:

Who’s the biggest joker: Chris Fleming

Thinks he’s the best looking: Chris Hankinson

Worst dress sense: Andrew Dawson

Worst dancer: me I have 2 left feet

Spends the most time getting ready after the game: Nathan Mossop