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Player Profile

9. Nathan Mossop – Sponsored by Ross Estate Agencies

Date of Birth: 21/02/88 

Height: 5ft 10 inch

Weight: 87kg

Sponsor: Ross Estate Agents

Shirt Number: 9

Previous Clubs: Millom, South Wales Scorpions

Hometown: Millom

Achievements in Rugby: My biggest achievement in rugby so far is managing to survive being in a car school with Andrew Dawson for the last 5 years… It’s quite scary watching him drive with no hands whilst eating chili and rice!!!

Best moment of your playing career: Winning the last game of the year in 2013 against Keighley to secure survival!

Rugby Idol: Steve Mossop

Worst injury: Snapping my bicep tendon at the start of this year!

Personal aims for the 2016 Season:  Recover from injury!!!

Earliest memory of watching or playing rugby: Watching my old man for Millom when I was a ‘larl un’…

What is your match day routine: Turn up and play rugby!

How do you relax outside of rugby: Spending time with the Mrs, eating and playing COD.

Favourite song to listen to before a game: ACDC – Thunderstruck

Favourite Films: War movies… Slightly obsessed

Do you play any other sports: We’re not allowed to.

If you won the lottery what would be the first luxury thing you’d buy: I’d tour the world with the Mrs… so many beautiful places I want to see!

Favourite food: I love Italian food… but a meal… it has to be a giant Yorkshire pudding, Cumberland sausage, mash, gravy and vegetables.

What makes you laugh: Bruie’s excuses for why he can’t train…

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go: America

Where are you happiest: Anywhere where I am surrounded by other happy people…

Favourite comedian: Lee Evans

What was the last live concert you went to: Ed Sheeran at Wembley

Which do you prefer? A night in or night out? Night in with the Mrs and close friends…food and films!!

Favourite current TV show: Geordie Shore 😉

Favourite all-time TV Show: Not so much a show, but a series… The Pacific or Band of Brothers


Out of the current squad:

Who’s the biggest joker: Not so much a joker; but Josh Ward is the most mischievous…

Thinks he’s the best looking: James Deurden

Worst dress sense:  Cresta… he came to a game last year in tracksuit pants and a belt!!

Worst dancer: Shane Toal 

Spends the most time getting ready after the game: Liam Harrison… takes a long time to dry himself…