Barrow Raiders would like to publicly thank valued sponsors Vantage Competitions for their support of the club.

We have brought Vantage Competitions on-board in recent weeks, and you will find them on our Hindpool Road billboards for the next few weeks.

As part of the deal, Vantage Competitions are running an online raffle, with a £1,000 main prize and £2,000 worth of instant wins. 100% of the proceeds from this raffle will be donated to the Advantage! Barrow Raiders Community Foundation, supporting the work being done across the local area.

We spoke with Vantage Competitions’ co-founder, Richard Cash, to learn more about their work with the club and support of the wider Barrow community.

Tell us a little more about Vantage Competitions 

Vantage Competitions is a raffle-based website based in the Furness area. 

Both myself and Kev (my business partner and brother-in-law) are from the local area – Ulverston and Walney. 

We launched Vantage in June 2023, and there are two sides to the business. One is the raffle-based competitions where customers have the chance to win instant prizes and main prizes. The second side of the business is to donate and help support local charities and good causes in the area by donating a percentage of profit made each month from our raffles. 

Our objective is to grow the business locally, and as it grows, donate a bigger percentage each month. 

Why did you first choose to get involved with Barrow Raiders?

We wanted to advertise in the local area, through a club or business, and the Raiders are one of the biggest in our area, so we reached out to Adele from the Raiders commercial team and she was great in guiding us on the options we had. 

It was important for us to advertise locally as we are locals ourselves, and in my opinion the Raiders are a great club to advertise through.   

What benefits do you see as a business, supporting local clubs such as the Raiders and the fantastic work being done both on the pitch and in the community?

After speaking with Adele, she highlighted the Raiders Foundation, so I checked it out and realised the work they were doing locally was really positive, with a wide variety of programmes which help people of all ages in the area.

It seemed like a great opportunity for us to give something back to the community through the Raiders foundation.

Then we made a plan to run a raffle, where all profit made goes to the Advantage! Community Foundation. The benefit of this is the money raised stays in the local area and helps support people close to home. 

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